Quality I+D+i


Product Quality Control   [S. I+D+I Laboratory]

We dedicate the highest technical and human resources to investigation, development and innovation, yielding products whose extraordinary purity and whiteness is its own best endorsement. It is a commitment from all in our company to provide only the highest quality products and services, where dedication to our customer’s satisfaction is paramount.

The diversity and versatility of our products guarantee good results in all variety of applications.  To ensure the highest level of quality, MSA counts with the latest equipment and the newest inspection and test methodologies, maintaining a System of Quality Management that meets the criteria established in ISO 9001:2000 standards.

This level of singular quality is maintained by continuously striving for improvement of processes and controls, while maintaining a system of management geared towards the total satisfaction of the client. We develop and adapt our techniques and processes to meet the tendencies of new materials and exigencies of the markets, always maintaining a high level of security and environmental protection.

It merits attention that our company, as well as all the products we manufacture, count with the authorization of the competent Sanitary Authorities, with inclusion in the Industrial Sanitary Registry, being apt for use as industrial and technical additives and nourishing elements..

Direct to industry

MSA is committed to respecting the environment and to contributing to the development and well-being of society.

Whatever the need, MSA makes available a number of delivery options to ensure that the product arrives at its destination. Our products are presented in two forms: bulk or packaged, each available to be shipped anywhere, at any time.

Sensitized with our world

All processes developed by MSA, from beginning to end, are undertaken with a maximum respect towards the environment.

A culture based on the principles of sustainable development, and the prevention, protection and conservation of our natural surroundings ensures that our products and services are ecologically-minded and respectful of the environment.  This culture is inspired by two basic principles: fulfilment of all applicable environmental regulations, and continuous improvement of our processes with the purpose of better protecting our environment.