Magnesium silicate

Talc (derived from the Arabic name such q) is a mineral group VIII (silicates), according to the classification of Strunz, white to blue gray. In the Mohs scale is taken as a pattern of least hardness, assigning him conventionally value 1. To touch is so greasy or soapy that can be scratched with a fingernail.

Talc usually appears massively (also called soapstone form) and rarely in well formed crystals. It is formed by metamorphosis of magnesium silicates such as olivine, pyroxene or amphibole (it is an igneous rock).

It is used in various applications. In powder form it is used as filler in the manufacture of paper and cardboard, for paint and varnish, in the ceramics industry, as an additive for rubber and plastics, as well as to prevent skin irritations and moisturize it.

For resistance to high temperatures is used in the manufacture of heat resistant materials. It is also the basis of many powders in cosmetics.