Barite Sulfate

Barium sulfate

Barite or barite, the Greek baros (“heavy”, a word that also gave rise to barium), is a mineral of the class of sulfates and AXO4 type. Chemically it is BaSO4 barium sulphate. It is a very common mineral. frequently it appears as with calcite and quartz.

The crystals are generally parallel to the base Tabular, sometimes they look like coffins. If diverge tabular form what is called “barite roses.”

Our product “Barite M3” is a mineral that stands out for its high degree of purity, being greater than 98% but still stands out more for its whiteness, there being no other market like (L: 94). Therefore the case of a product of very high performance, specifically designed for use in paints as a mineral filler. It is also used for the manufacture of tires and rubber.